Sequestration: Bring it on!

How Sequestration’s Automatic Budget Cuts Could Hurt on Local Level – ABC News (blog)

ABC News (blog)How Sequestration’s Automatic Budget Cuts Could Hurt on Local LevelABC News (blog)Cities and towns across the country are battening down the hatches, preparing for austerity measures that the budget cuts in sequestration would require …

Sequestration Would Hurt Students, Teachers and Schools |

Duncan on Face the Nation If Congress fails to reach an agreement before March 1, automatic, across-the-board spending cuts—also known as the sequester—will go into effect. The cuts will have real consequences for real 2/26/13

President Obama Speaks on the Sequester

President Obama urges Congress to take action to avoid the automatic budget cuts scheduled to hit next Friday if lawmakers fail to find a path forward on balanced deficit reduction.

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Sequestration In Context – US Borrows Cost Of Sequestration Every 28 Days – Right Wing News

For Advertising Info, Write. Premium Left blogad. US Borrows Cost Of Sequestration Every 28 Days. William Teach February 26, 2013.

Business Insider – Ron Johnson On Sequester – Boehner Would Lose Speaker If Taxes Increased – Business Insider

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As sequester looms, public attention flags – CBS News

With dramatic, across-the-board "sequestration" cuts slated to take effect Friday, most Americans believe the consequences of those reductions will have a "major effect" on the state of the US economy, according to a new poll by Pew Research Center/Washington Post.

Science faces sequestration cuts – USA TODAY

Science faces sequestration cutsUSA TODAYCancer, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases will face the prospect of fewer researchers working on cures as a result of the upcoming federal budget sequestration, National Institutes of Health chief Francis Co …

Sequestration doesn’t fly – Washington Post

MinutemanSequestration doesn’t flyWashington PostHere’s what might be the most powerful incentive yet for members of Congress to come up with a deal to avert the sequester: The head of the Air Force warned Monday that the spending cuts that will go i …

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